Sep 29, 2013

No decorating, just life - being fabulous....

Hello everyone!

Matt and I are currently brainstorming the next project to work on, so there's not too much to report as far as house improvements.  My brother is visiting right now though, so I thought I'd just blog about how the trip is going so far, etc...

There's this awesome bike shop close to our house, so yesterday Matt and I went to check-it-out while Alex was still sleeping.  One thing led to another and what do you know, Matt and I both ended-up with bikes.  I'm pretty pumped as I haven't had a bike since I was a kid and Matt's most recent bike was a beach cruiser from his days of Florida living.  Here's a picture of them side-by-side at breakfast this morning:
We rode the bikes homes from the shop, around the neighborhood, to the grocery store, to breakfast this morning.  I mean we are seriously loving them!  :)

Then this afternoon while Matt went to the bar to watch football, Alex made cookies (he said it was his very first time) with me.  Delicious peanut butter cookies!  please enjoy the photo montage below.  lol.

As you can see it was delicious cookie eating for all!  :)

In addition to the cookie eating, the dogs also felt compelled to dress-up in their new found matching Halloween costumes.  This morning while I was running errands I went to Michael's to get some crafting goods and wouldn't you know that I accidentally stumbled upon dinosaur costumes that would fit both of them.  Yes...  Here they are frolicking in the yard with their Dad looking like ferocious dino's!  

Hope you enjoyed our quick, non-decorating catch-up!  I can't wait to share the next 'room' with you all though.  So many decorating dreams happening.  


Sep 14, 2013

Guest Bedroom - III

Well, I believe the guest bedroom is basically finished.  Which is extremely exciting to be able to say.  Friday I found a blog that I am loving right now that had a specific blog all about how to style a nightstand which also included a fabulous video how-to.  Now I'm not sure about you, but I know that I always have a bit of a hard time styling nightstands, so this find was HUGE. 

So let me show you around the room...
I found this picture frame today at Target and fell in love with it - bonus because it was in the Clearance section!  The picture inside is of a statue in Bali off the shore of Padang Bai where I did an awesome scuba day trip. 
Here is a look at the frame on the floating shelf.  Initially I was planning on recovering the stools with the rug that's on the floor, however, once the room really started looking complete, I felt like it needed a bit more color.  So now they're staying in their initial form.

Here's a look at the nightstand on the left-hand side of the bed.  I've got a fun silver tray, which turned-out to match the frame pictured above on the floating shelf, so that was a fabulous accident.  Then on the tray I have a white vase with lots of texture, a cream colored ylang-ylang candle and a little bowl for guests to throw their jewelry in.  Then behind is a framed picture I bought at market while I was in China. 
 Here's a look at the nightstand on the right-hand side of the bed.  A added a little moose that I received from a Team Builder we did at work for a little surprise funky.  My favorite part is the wooden jewelry box on the right.  I got it for Matt from the most wonderful singing toothless street vendor in Ubud, Bali and it still smells like motor oil. 

Here's a close-up of the stacked books supporting the clock and one of the jewelry box as well.
 In my last blog (Guest Bedroom -II) I ended with a ton of photos from my recent trips to China and Indonesia and asked which ones I should get printed to display on the wall.  I ended-up developing all of them in hopes that would help me decide, but it didn't.  Instead I ended-up putting a piece of art that I bought while I was in Vietnam and I love it in the room.  It is a great addition. 
And here is the final picture of the room, with little itty-bitty baby Fergus making an appearance on the faux fur rug.  :)  What do you think?



Sep 10, 2013

Guest Bedroom - II

Oh my goodness, the diamond shaped paint technique I showed you in my last post took FOREVER. Unreal.  I'll be honest, if I had to do it all again, I would 100% hire someone with better math skills and more patience.  I like to "eyeball" things and the diamonds would not allow it!  The most important thing, though, is that it's finished.  :)  Here are a few pictures of the process of measuring, taping, painting, etc...

After the walls the next thing I went after was a pair of nightstands.  I found a really beautiful pair on craigslist for $25.  However, after the room started coming together they weren't the right fit.  So Matt and I decided they would be perfect in our room.  For now they are just sitting awkwardly in our bedroom waiting for something amazing to happen to them.

Now back to the guest bedroom...
So since painting the walls, I hung a floating shelf on one of the walls, bought two new nightstands, a mattress, boxsprings and bed frame, bedding, a couple stools, drapes and am embarking on a few "new" artsy fartsy projects in the room.

Now if you clicked on the links for the shelf and the nightstand, you'll know that both of these products are from IKEA.  I was reading someone else's blog (not a clue whose though) and they said that once they stopped viewing IKEA as finished products and started viewing it as more of a Home Depot or Lowe's they started to enjoy it more and started to see the products in a bit of a new light. With that being said the floating shelf is staying the same.  In fact, here is my inspiration photo:
I love the placement of the shelf with the floating bubble mirrors and the stools underneath.  As soon as I have this piece finished I will upload a 'late edition' photo.

Now onto the side tables.  You saw them before as the "Plain Jane" side tables from IKEA, but add a few corbels and gold leafing and you get this from some amazing IKEA Hackers:
The above picture is also known as next weekend's 1st project.  :)  yessss...  The stools are also getting a makeover, oh man - so busy!  Here is a picture of my inspiration photo:

My brother Alex may be coming for an extended stay in which case these will also be on the docket for next weekend's projects.  If his plans fall through, then this will just be getting done when I have the motivation.  :)
Instead of the fabric that I showed you in my first post, I found an amazing coverlet from Stein Mart that I am using instead.  Here's the fabric:
And the bed put altogether:
Today at lunch I went to lunch at TJ Maxx and found a great pair of lamps!  I love the color.  They are the same color as the teal/turquoise color of the bedspread and legs of the stools.  Here's a photo including one in the background and an up close look as well:
I sent some photos to Walgreen's tonight from trip to Bali  in June and am planning on blowing a few of the up for the artwork on the walls.  I'd be happy to get your feedback about which ones you think would match the room nicely...

So that's what's going on with our little house.  Hope you enjoy!

Aug 4, 2013

Guest Bedroom - I

We moved into our new house just about a month ago and we are still, sadly, living mostly out of boxes.  Not because we have to, but because we've been too lazy to unpack. 

Now with that being said, I am also getting stir crazy.  That means the first home project has began.  Boyfriend and I decided the first room/area that we wanted to focus on was the guest bedroom.  We bought our home in AZ and neither of us are from here - boyfriend from FL and I'm from IL - so we are convinced that if we give people a room to stay in they will come and visit.  Wish us luck on that...

So today begins it!  Our little guest room, is 9X11.  That's right, it is the same dimensions as some rugs, so we're going to get creative with space.  Rather I am going to get real creative with space and hopefully it will all turn out fabulous. 

So let me show you my inspirations for this room:  The first photo that you see gives me #wallspiration.  I'm planning on painting the room in a light gray and then on the anchor wall doing this wall pattern.  Then  the second is the total inspiration photo from the latest cover of #BetterHomesandGardens  followed by the third which is the fabric I will most likely use for the duvet instead of the Catalina as that's just too expensive for our 'budget decorating.'

Total Package
Duvet Fabric

I am going to get started!  I will post some before and after pictures, as well as $ investment as I get going.  :)